Canyoneering involves using ropes, harnesses, helmets, and much more to descend through the beautiful slot canyons that are found throughout the Zion area. 

Come enjoy the beautiful slot canyons of the Zion area that only a small percentage of guests will ever discover!

Definitely on the things to do at Zion National Park List of Things to do!



             1812 W. Sunset Blvd. #1-131 St. George, Ut 84770

It combines hiking, rappelling, down-climbing, and sometimes swimming into one awesome adventure

These guides will instruct you on how to

rappel, handle all of the ropes and gear, and ensure that you have an overall
amazing experience.

What is canyoneering?? This is a great question that many guests of Southern Utah ask every day! Canyoneering is a sport, similar to mountaineering or rock climbing, that is gaining popularity throughout Southern Utah and the surrounding areas.

During your day of canyoneering you will be provided with a trained and certified canyoneering guide as well as an assistant guide.

Canyoneering allows you to take your trip to another level and experience some of nature‚Äôs hidden masterpieces!