Bryce Canyon: 
Bryce Canyon is known for its unbelievable geology and wide vistas.

Nowhere else in the world can you find rock pinnacles with fantastic shapes like the ones found in Bryce Canyon National Park, but equally impressive are the plants and animals that make the uplifted plateaus of Utah such a unique environment!

​Surrounded by deserts, these highlands get much more rain than the lowlands below and stay cooler during hot summers. 
Snow Canyon:

Snow Canyon is a scenic state park tucked into the great sandstone cliffs surrounding St. George, Utah. 

The park features great lava flows and a colorful, fragile desert environment.

As you visit Snow Canyon you will stand in awe at the majestic views, the striking colors, and the interplay of light and shadows on the canyon walls.

Activities in the park include hiking, wildlife viewing, photography, camping, as well as ranger

With over 38 miles of hiking trails and 15 miles of equestrian trails there is plenty to discover during one day. Your service guide will be able to direct
you to the best hikes suited to your group.

Valley of Fire: 

Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest and largest state

The name is derived from the red sandstone formations that were formed from shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs (about 150 million years ago).

The present landscape was formed by complex uplifting and faulting followed by extensive erosion.

Valley of Fire was once home to the Basket Maker
people and later the Anasazi Pueblo farmers. As you explore this beautiful state park you will find many examples of rock art left by these ancient

The park also features areas of petrified wood from ancient trees. The Arch Rock is one of the icons of the Valley of Fire.

The great arch continues to weaken over time as the winds and rain slowly wash away material. Eventually it will grow too large for its supports and will collapse.

There is a wide variety of hikes in the park that will allow you to view the arch, as well as other intricate rock formations and slot canyons. Come enjoy the beauty and history of Nevada’s Valley of Fire during your Southern Utah adventure!


~~Southern Utah has some great hikes; our tour guide’s knows all the great hikes. We have plenty of small hikes where you can see actual Indian petroglyphs. Choose your weapon of hikes from  Bryce Canyon, Snow Canyon, and The Valley of Fire,

 From short hikes to long hikes, we have you covered on some of the best hikes in the world. While on the Quote page, choose where you would like to go and for how long.  Snow Canyon, Bryce and Grand Canyon have a one day minimum. What is great about this is that your Service Guides are there to Guide you every Step of the way.

Hiking Bryce Canyon, Snow Canyon and the Valley of Fire is on a lot of peoples list of things to do in St. George, or Hikes in St. George.


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