Come spend part of your adventure vacation in a house
boat at Lake Powell! This majestic lake features soaring red cliffs, sandy beaches, and just about every water sport you can imagine! Spend your time swimming, fishing, water skiing, cliff diving, jet skiing, you name it! Your service guide will be there to get you to the great cliff diving spots, assist with boats and other activities, and even help out with meals. If you have been looking for the perfect water sport vacation, look no further! Let us plan your house boat excursion to Lake Powell!

* A minimum of three days is required for a house boat



Lake Powell House Boating! Jumping off the boat and swimming around in one of the perfect lakes of the world. Wow! I can just see you now: Fishing, Water Skiing, Cliff Diving and just taking a tour around Lake Powell, now that is the life! The scenery is great, the water is great, and the boat is great, what are you waiting for? You get to eat and sleep on a boat. Most of the time a 3 day minimum is required for this event.  Recreation Vacations know all the great cliff diving spots and will help with meals and boating events. No need to look any further for your summer vacation ideas and your vacation package for Lake Powell.


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